5 Ways to Determine Which Type of Access Control Installation You Need

When it comes to access control it is best to leave it to the professionals. But determining what to ask for can be tricky too. After all there are several types of access control systems. While there are many things to consider when it comes to access control, here are a few things to help you when figuring out what you need Access Control Installation .

Access Control Installation

Is it personal or business related?

Personal access control and business access control needs are two different things. There are several types of access control systems which are used for different purposes. The main two access control systems for mainly business use are Discretionary Access control (DAC) and Mandatory Access Control (MAC) which are typically used for your business.

What are you securing?

Determining what you are trying to do will help you figure out what type of access control you need. For instance, if it’s for your business entry access, or card key access, etc than you would need access control systems with an access panel of some kind.

This type of access control system would provide you with an electronic card key or id badge for employees or other personnel to gain entry or access to that area. Although some people use electronic card keys to gain entry to their home as well.

These are mostly DAC or discretionary access control. Some systems can also use (MAC) or mandatory access systems and discretionary access control systems at the same time. This type of system would require an access control system installer to set it up for you.

Who will have access?

Another thing you need to consider is who will need access? If there are more than one or two people who will need access then you will need to have a DAC or Discretionary access system with a access control panel.

For instance if you own a hotel or hospital they use a DAC system to secure the doors. In the instance of vault or object protection you may simply need to use a mandatory access control system. A discretionary access system also allows them to let additional people gain access to a room, area, or object that is being secured with use of access card also known as an electronic card key.

If your accessing your door than you may need a different access control systems? These are often used when the administrator is the only one accessing this particular area.


Who will have future access?

Another thing to consider is who will have future access to your control system. For instance if you are installing the access control system now and you are the only one with it but will have future employees who also need access you would need a discretionary access system. If you would be the only one accessing it you may need another access control system.

Tips on Finding a Professional Access Control System Installer:

Access control systems can be tricky if you are not familiar with them or how they work. It is wise to have an Access Control System installer to help you before attempting anything including purchasing the system yourself.

Below are a few tips to consider before you get started looking for a professional access control system installer:

Do they have the right experience?

Make sure the access control system installation company has a few years of experience under their belt. This will ensure that you will get the right system and it will be done properly the first time.

Is their company licensed?

When getting your access control system installed there are many connections to consider. Being sure that the company has a licensed electrician will ensure all the connections are done right. This can also help with ensuring that all the connections are done right for safety and peace of mind.

What services do they provide for after the installation?

Some companies will help with future maintenance of the access control system. This will ensure that everything is working properly from then on. They may give you additional things such as warranty on your equipment. You may also need replacement card keys, etc.. this is an important part of maintaining the access control system.

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How long will the job take?

For smaller projects it may not take much time at all, however if you are trying to get an access control system installed on your new hotel where they must add individual access panels on each door it may take awhile. Be sure that the job can get done in enough time to fit your individual needs.


Access Control Installation


In Conclusion:

Access control systems installation can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for before you make the call. Think about what it is being used for, who is going to be accessing it, and for what you are securing to make the installation go smoother.

There are several installers that can help answer your questions. Calling a head of time and asking what you should look for in access control may be a big help to you in the future. Also having some services for maintaining the system will be a big help in preventing issues later on down the line.

Knowing ahead of time what you want out of your access control system will help the installer have a better understanding of how to help you get the most effective and efficient access control system for your business or personal use.

There are also different types of access control systems if you are protecting your computer or other personal things be sure you know the differences this will help you make your decision more effectively.

Using a regular company will help them know what is wrong or spot the problem immediately when making repairs. Be sure you are prepared when inquiring about your access control system. Calling a professional access control installing can save you a lot of time and money in the coming years.

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