Intercom System Installation

Intercom systems are becoming the new security trend that many homeowners and businesses are adopting this tech age. And for the most part, this discrete and secure solution for homes and businesses to know exactly who you are opening your door before you head over to the door has made life a lot easier and safer for most homes and businesses alike Intercom System Installation.

Many people find it very uneasy hearing their doorbells ring or someone knocking at their front doors and not knowing who it is. In such cases, luckily, there is the intercom system which can now help take care of this issue for you.

But intercom systems can do more than just check who is at your front door. In fact, in most cases, you find that homes and families use intercommunication systems to call members of the family together, maybe for a dinner if the house they live in is big or you just don’t always feel the need to walk up to everyone’s rooms to communicate something to them when you can do it from the comfort of where you are. Sometimes, you may want to communicate something to someone in your home, but he/she is too far away and shouting might help but, in most cases, it is considered to be downright rude, and especially if the person you are communicating to be older. Using your phone to communicate can also be quite expensive. Which leaves you with the inexpensive and more convenient option, the intercom system.

Front door intercoms also require you to have some relative moderate carpentry skills, plus some simple wiring skills. If not, then you might have to hire a professional to do the work for you which will cost you extra for the labor. But with the ever-advancing technology, you can now even find intercom systems that are battery-powered meaning that they can work wirelessly and you don’t have to run any wires through your walls.

Intercom System Installation

Why do you need an intercom system?

An intercom system will be a good investment to offer you a piece of mind as it is a simple, convenient, plus highly effective method that you can use to monitor and even control who has access to and enters your property. Put simply, an intercom will provide you with a sense of security and comfort as you will always know, at all times, who is on your premises. Plus, you never have to feel anxious or nervous about who is on the other side knocking on your door. You simply need to find the best intercom system that best fits your needs and preferences.

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Types of intercom services

Many companies and businesses have gotten into the technological security business and are involved in the production and supply of intercom services and their installation as well. Technology has also managed to offer different intercom system services that you can choose from depending on your needs and preferences of the intercom you purchase for your home or business. Some of the intercom systems include;

  • Audio intercoms
  • Audio/Video intercom systems with APP
  • Telephone entry systems
  • Wireless intercom systems
  • Wireless doorbell buzzer systems
  • IP-based intercom systems
  • Room-to-room intercom systems.

So, no matter which type of intercom system or design you are looking for, chances are pretty high that you will find the best one that best fits all your needs. The added advantage about intercoms is that they can be installed for both the internal or external use or even both in the same premise, using computer networks and phone lines.we  do pro Intercom System Installation.

Intercom system installers

In most cases, you will find that the companies that manufacture and sell these intercom systems also offer installation services, especially for the wired intercom systems which require you to have some basic skills and knowledge in wiring and perhaps even carpentry. Intercom system installers, also vary depending on the type of intercom system that you plan to put in your home or place of business.

The advantages of having an intercom installation in your home or business

Whether you decide to install an audio or a video intercom system to enable you to identify and or communicate with the people on your front door or within your home, you will come to realize that there are many advantages that this option can help you out with. Some of them have been discussed in detail below.

  • Comfort – installing and using an intercom in your home or business will give you some peace of mind, especially when it comes to who is on your premises and what they are doing.
  • Security – intercom systems have also been known to discourage intruders from coming near your home. They are also known to be pretty effective when it comes to preventing home invasions since the callers need to, first, identify themselves for them to gain access and wait for the people inside the house don’t need to unlock the door or even get anywhere near it to see or hear who is outside their door.
  • Convenience – after you have had your intercom installed, you will no longer feel the need to have your doorbells, keys, and even locks on your doors. You will also stop the habit of trudging out to your front door and or gate to see who is looking to access your premises. You will be able to do all this by simply pushing a button.
  • Simple setup – the setup and installation of the intercom systems, especially the wireless intercom systems, are relatively easy. You won’t need the assistance of any contractor or guide to help you through the process. You just need to follow the instructions and you will be set in a few minutes.

Intercom System


Intercom system installations

As mentioned earlier, there are currently dozens, if not hundreds, of companies and businesses who manufacture and sell the intercom systems and models on the market. And each of them has its own installation procedure and method. Meaning, you need to read through the instruction manuals carefully and whenever you think you are not up to the task to properly install these security devices, then you can hire a professional to do the work for you at an agreed cost.

Intercom Systems Installer 

Tips for how you can install a home intercom-Intercom System Installation

In most cases and situations, you are probably going to purchase a home intercom system with an installation guide which, if you follow correctly, can have your home intercom system up and running in no time.

The current generation and age we live in have got everyone now opting to DIY almost everything that they possibly can, and the intercom systems are no exceptions. Plus, the simple fact that they don’t require much technical information to be installed makes it an added advantage. Why would you want to hire and pay a professional for something that you can do by yourself and use the cash to do something else that’s productive? If you feel you can DIY the intercom installation properly, then go for it.

But sometimes, you may find it difficult to properly understand the instruction manual of how to install your new intercom system. Which is why this guide is exactly what you need and we believe will help make the whole installation process simple and easy for you. And you will also realize that most intercom system installations are pretty similar and these steps can help you out.

Step 1: inspect the master enclosure or station box

You need to inspect and measure the master station box to determine the dimensions that you need to cut on your wall or somewhere safe to station it. You also need to find a good and safe location for the master station away from the general public; like visitors, other family members and friends. Somewhere private at least can do. Most manufacturers would recommend a flange or bracket with holes where the screws will be mounted as you install the master station on a wall.

You also need to determine the shape and size of the hole for your intercom’s master station as well as its other mounting provisions. You should try and ensure that the hole you cut is located in between the studs inside your wall. You also need to decide on the best height for the master station above the floor. At least 5 feet can do and looks like a good compromise for both the short and the tall persons.

You can then start by drilling 3/8-inch holes into the area where you plan to install the master station. After that, you can use a sabre or keyhole saw to cut through the wall and make the appropriate-sized hole for the master station. You can then place the master station in the hole and ensure that it properly fits the hole. If necessary, you can even trim the edges to make them smoother. Then place this unit aside until you have finished installing the wiring too.

Step 2: cut a similar hole into the walls for each substation location

As you did with the mater station box, you will also need to measure the sizes of the substations and burrow holes for them. Trim them as necessary as well. You will also have to set the substations aside and start working on how you will install the wiring of the intercom.

Step 3: check the wiring diagram

Most intercom system wiring installations only require that just the master station be connected to the household’s electrical system. And multiwire cable links are used to connect the master station to the substations. These cables are usually supplied by the manufacturer with your kit. But if you feel that the one you have won’t be enough, then you can purchase more from a radio-electronics parts supplier. And only buy the recommended cable.

Step 4: run a separate multiwire cable from each substation to the master station

You can choose to run the wires from the substations down inside the walls to your crawl space or basement if you want to have a neater installation. The wire can then run up through your attic and then pass alongside the joist and into the space which leads to the master station. You will need to make a larger entry hole since all the wires run from the substations to the master station. You can use number pieces of pressure-sensitive tapes which can work well to help you identify the wires from the substations.

Step 5: connect the wires to the substation units

Use the wire colors to determine the appropriate wires for the different substation units. You can then fasten the substation units into the walls and attach the trim moldings which surrounds their parameters to seal off any edges of the cut wall.

Step 6: turn off or disconnect all wires connected to the main house circuit

It is vital that you ensure that you de-energize all circuits involved and ensure that no one else turns it back on during this time to avoid any electrical accidents as the master station works with direct power from your home.

Step 6: attach all substation units and power lines to your master station

Ensure that you make all of these attachments according to the markings or numberings in relation to the different substations and finally mount the master station into the wall. Ensure that it is firmly fixed, attach trim moldings which surround the parameters around the edges of the cut wall to ensure that no space is left that anything can get through and interfere with the integrity of the intercom system.

Step 8: do random tests on the intercom

After you have done all the installation steps, you should then test the intercom and see how well it performs or whether there are any substations which aren’t working. In such a case, you can check the connections to the terminals and even the connections to the master station. But if you suspect that any substation is defective, then you should replace it with another one. This way, you will know whether the problem was with the substation or the wiring process.

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Final thoughts

Whether you are one such person who is looking for a little more security in his/her home, have some music playing throughout the house, or you are just looking for an easy way to call your family members and friends within your home for dinner, having a good home intercom system installed can be a nice addition to your home. If you follow these tips carefully and to the letter, then you are definitely going to get through with your home intercom installation within a day. get your Intercom System Installation Today call us.



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