Access Control Systems Los Angeles

Access control systems Los Angeles are created to ensure the safety of people, data, and premises. Their primary role is to ensure that only authorized or permitted individuals can access certain points of a facility.  The control systems can range from electric locks at a building’s entrance to a number of locks on server racks at physical data center. With an access control system in place, a company can monitor the people accessing the facilities and hence increase the safety for everyone.

Understanding Access Control Systems

Access control systems basically are electronic systems designed to control via a network and they have aces to a network.  These systems recognizes, validates and authorizes the entry of a person to a premises. This way, it gives full protection end ensures security within the system.

Access Control Systems Los Angeles

Components of an Access Control System

Access             Control Systems (ACS) vary greatly in complexity and type. But most of the systems consist of the following basic parts:

Access Cards

Access cards may be looked at as a form of electric keys. The cards are used by people to gain access through doors secured by the ACS.  Each of these cards is uniquely encoded and have an approximate size with an ATM card.

Access Control Keypads

These are devices that can be used along with or as an alternative of card readers. The access control keypads have numeric keys which are similar to keys on a touch-tone phone.  The person seeking access to the building must enter the correct numeric code.

Card Readers

These are devices that are utilized to electrically read the access card.  They are of two types: insertion card readers and proximity card readers. The former type requires the card to be inserted into the reader, while the later requires the card to be held at a proximity of three to six inches from the reader.  Usually, card readers are mounted on the exterior of the door they control.

Access Control Field Panels

Access Control Field Panels are also referred to as Intelligent Controllers. They are installed in every building where access control is to be provided.  All access control devices are linked to the intelligent controller.  These panels are uses to process access control at a building level. The number of doors to be controlled in a building will determine the number of access control filed panels to be installed in a building.  They are installed in electrical, telephone or communications closets.

Access Control Server Computer

This forms the center of the access control system. The access control server computer is designed to serve as the central database and file manager for the entire access control system.  It is responsible for recording the system’s activities and dispensing information to and from the access control field panels.

Access Control Systems Los Angeles

Parking Control Systems

When you think about securing your facility or home, you should as well thing about the parking control system. The parking area is one of the most sensitive parts of any premises and security should be highly maintained.

Parking controls systems are systems that are designed to control access into and out of a parking space. They are basically built around a gate operator. The gate operators can either be barrier gates, swing gate operators and slide gate operators.

Here are some of the most common parking control systems:


These are sensors placed in the ground of a lane or parking level of a park lot to detect any vehicle that is passing overhead. The sensors in the loop track the occupancy and allow ticket dispensers or authorize readers by identifying the presence of a metal objecting that passes over the loop.  Directional logic for vehicles accessing entry or exiting a facility can be attained by use of two-loop or three-loop systems.

Monitoring Systems

The monitoring system allows the user to view alarms, system-generated activity and occupancy through the parking access.

Facility Management System

Facility management system (FMS) is a computer system and software that allows real-time reporting, checking and controlling the parking access systems.  This in essence is the central system of the entire parking access systems.

Parking Guidance System

This system provides guidance to open parking lots. The system can include dynamic signage and single floor and space availability indicators. Improved parking guidance systems detect distinct space occupancy using stall sensors. It can also distribute information to GPS-enabled vehicles and smartphone apps which further distributes them beyond the parking lot.  This can offer guidance to traffic looking for parking spaces.

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

This system enables automatic identification of vehicles entering a parking a facility to authorize and permit it to enter and exit.  The AVI methods include RFID, Proximity cards and LPR.

  • Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

This is an automatic identification technique that relies on storing and retrieving data utilizing RFID transponders or tags.

  • Proximity Cards

This is a type of access card that can be read without inserting into a card access reader device.

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)

This is a parking control system that uses cameras to take images of the license plates, read the pictures through character recognition software and convert them into text readable by the computer.  License plate recognition is a typical in access control, stolen vehicle detection claims and tolling.

Access Control Systems

Choosing Access Control Systems Los Angeles

Selecting the best control system can be a daunting task given the many different products available and trying to decide what areas you wish to be restricted and those to be left unprotected. It is therefore important that you choose to work with a company that is reputable and has many years of experience.  Only then can you be guaranteed of getting the best access control systems installed in your premise.

The company that you choose should also offer you with installation services.  They should be able to determine your needs and provide you with the right installation advice and professionally do the installations.  Additionally, the professionals should offer you with help and support services. They should have a reliable customer support service that will be there to attend to your issues at any time of the day.

Access Control Systems Los Angeles

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