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This being the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) has seen the emergence of smart homes. Transforming a home into a smart home involves the replacement of gadgets, accessories, and appliances with those that are interconnected and automated. A smart home installation business will replace things such as lighting bulbs, security systems, and thermostats.

Key benefits of a smart home

It offers great convenience

Have you traveled and mistakenly forgot to turn the lights or air conditioner off? These can be turned off from wherever you are. Most people convert or purchase smart homes for the sole purpose of the convenience they offer. A smart home implies that you can remotely access and control such systems the home security, heating and cooling, multimedia, lighting, intercoms, and so on. Developers have come up with mobile apps that are installed on your smartphone or tablet, and through which you can streamline routine tasks.

The home is more secure

As mentioned, the security system is one of the components that make a smart home. A smart security system can be incorporated with such features as motion sensors, automatic door locks, surveillance cameras, among other functionalities. You can be able to monitor your home’s activities in real-time or activate and deactivate the security system remotely. Security systems can be linked to local authorities or private security firms. In case of an intruder or an attempted break-in, the security system is triggered, and the local authorities or security firm is automatically alerted. Besides, the homeowner could opt for fingerprint identification or the use of key cards making it hard for burglars to break-in.

Voice command function

This comes in handy if there are either disabled or elderly persons within the home. Through the voice command functionality incorporated in the smart system, they can perform such tasks as, operate the phone, lock the doors, close the curtains or blinds, and control the home’s lighting. With the technology continually advancing, we can only expect automation of the more difficult tasks.

Enhance energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is influenced by how you program your smart-home technology. For instance, lights can switch themselves off if there’s no one in the room, a smart thermostat can learn your preferences and schedule, and program itself to the most energy-efficient settings. For instance, it could let your home’s temperatures drop during the day when there’s no one in the house, and raise them to your preferred level once the evening sets in and you’re due back. The automated tasks combined with the installation of energy-efficient appliances, in the long run, lead to savings on money and resources.

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What attributes should I look out for when choosing a smart home installation company near me?

Checking that your preferred smart home installation company has the necessary licensing is the first step. The licensing varies from state to state, and therefore, some due diligence on your part is necessary. While there might not be a way for the authorities to effectively stop businesses operating without a valid license from running, there’s usually records of valid smart home companies in government websites.
A reputable smart home installation company will have several insurance policies, including professional indemnity. This guarantees that you will be covered in case the company does an incorrect installation or lays down installation cables poorly causing a loss.
A smart home installer may possess a valid license, but without the necessary experience, the license is vain. Smart home systems incorporate a network of systems and protocols that work in tandem to meet your various needs. Ensure that your installer is familiar with the smart home technology you want to be installed. Seek customer reviews and check on the installers previous works. A smart home installation company that has been in the business for quite long will be better placed to offer the best services.
A qualified staff is the next thing that you should look into before engaging a smart home installation company.  Check on their employment history and whether they are outsourced or employed by the company. The company should present evidence that they invest in their employees’ skills by taking them through continuous learning.
Your budget will influence your choice of a home installation company. However, choosing a cheap company may imply that you get poor services. Keeping in mind that you will need your system to be working for a number of years with minimal upgrades, it would be prudent to invest in quality equipment and services. Ensure that all cables are running correctly and are health and safety compliant.
What are the smart home gadgets available in a smart home installation business?

Apart from the aforementioned smart thermostat, smart lighting, and smart security cameras, there are other smart devices that a homeowner can consider investing in.

A smart assistant, which is a voice-controlled speaker equipped with a mic can perform such tasks as order something for you online, inform you on the traffic status, give you alternative routes to your destination, and so on.

A smart smoke detector can further protect your home from an impending fire by detecting smoke. Besides alerting you, it also alerts the local authorities so that they are able to intervene even in your absence.

Automatic pet feeders will feed your pet without interrupting your schedule. Not only is this convenient for the times you are away from home, but also your pet’s food intake is controlled.

Smart cleaners provide a fun way through which you can clean every area of your home. Besides being energy efficient, these cleaners will enable you to have a sparkling home within no time. They are equipped with different functionalities such as edge and spot cleaning.

Smart home systems are not all similar, which makes it necessary that you do a prior research on which will work best for you before committing. While some may be stand-alone gadgets that you can purchase off-the-shelf, others will require an experienced professional to install. Remember to invest wisely as technologies keep changing.


Smart home installation business


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