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One of the best recent technological advancements is the creation of security cameras. However, did you know that ignorance of certain measures would render your security camera useless? Let us look at the factors to consider before making your choice of the camera to install.


Coverage demands taking into consideration the areas that are vulnerable and should be put under tight security. Usually the firm installing the camera sends an analyst to help identify the areas that need the cameras for optimal coverage. You will provide information of the areas you personally feel should be given enough attention.

The Type of Camera

The type of camera is of utmost importance as it determines the quality and area of coverage. Nowadays, most used CCTV cameras are wireless. There is the bullet camera, which is static in operation, in that it only points to one direction. The other type is the dome camera. The dome camera provides a 360˚ coverage. You choose the type of camera you want depending on the results you expect.


The type of location, in a way, may be similar to the first point on coverage. However, location deals more with where you install the camera in terms of indoor and outdoor position. Thieves are becoming cleverer and are doing anything they can to hide from outdoor cameras. Some may even come with a mask.

It is common for them to ignore the existence of an indoor camera. It is therefore advisable to install dome camera that is capable of dim light indoors. It will save you in a lot different ways.

 Legality and declaration

You need to notify visitors or users of a place of the existence of security cameras in case you have one. The law demands that everyone should only be recorded in his or her knowledge. You can place signs in your store or apartment indicating the presence of security cameras. For the case of home, make sure you notify your house cleaner or workers about it. It is also illegal to have the cameras installed in private places such as toilets.


You should seek permission from relevant authorities or parties before installing security cameras. Having them on your apartment may in turn cover up to your neighbor’s place. Ask them if they feel comfortable or you should change the angle.

Technical aspect

The technical aspect of the camera you install is of utmost importance. There are different types of cameras based on the type of technology used. One of the most preferred cameras are those that adapt the (Large Scale Integration) technology.

Ensure that your camera records quality videos, and has other extra equipment for storage. In the recent past, more emphasis were put on checking on whether the camera utilizes HD technology. The  seems to be overturning this ideology. Most installations come with their own storage and recording hardware. Some adapt cloud storage facilities so that you can store your videos online.

For the case of local storage then there must be a hard disk. It is in a way similar to that of the computer but it has longer working hours and higher capacity than that of the latter. It should be replaced after a given duration of time as you decide on the time taken to have a video in storage. It can be for a day or even three months.

It is also advisable to consider a system, which you can control remotely even when you are far away from the premises.

Home security camera installation

Home Security Camera Installation Service

The Large Scale Integration technology is used in a number of fields ranging from car navigation system to digital cameras, cellular phones, and many more. It has outdone the previous technology based on digital signal-transmission. It has increased stability and multi-functionality of security cameras.

Cameras produced are thus of a tremendous enlargement quality technology and viewpoint conversion/ distortion correction technology. The technology helps in improving the luster expression, vividness, and texture of objects.

Cameras that utilize the Large Scale Integration security camera technology bear the characteristic of reduced visibility degradation by clearly and brightly correcting the portion that is dark. The presence of backlight intensifying contrast is corrected, as the brightness area remains unchanged at night.

The use of the technology has lead in the improvement of the quality and visibility of images and videos. The cameras are able to operate under low light environments and still produce images that can be seen clearly.

The technology is also vital in case the camera is used in the presence of sharp light such as in a place where there is direct sunlight. The problem of blurredness and deteriorating vividness when the camera is exposed to light is greatly reduced. This is achieved by correcting the saturation or gradation of image depending on the degree of luminance of sunlight. With this technology, the camera can be installed and still function well in a range of environments.

The technology also performs interpolation in respect to the angle and magnitude of edge of pixel data. The analysis produces a sharp and smooth enlargement processing.

Cameras built on  technology produce images that are smooth and sharp and with no blurring effect. Next time you go for a security camera kindly check whether it is has the Large Scale Integration technology for better results.

The Large Scale Integration technology has taken over many digital products. It is proving more reliable even in security camera surveillance. It is therefore important to put it in mind when choosing the type of camera you want to install in your place or apartment.

We have also presented in detail other factors to consider when installing security cameras. Putting them in mind will yield into maximum benefits. A reminder – DO NOT forget that the best latest technology in security cameras installations is the Large Scale Integration technology. Cameras built with technology offer you with the best visibility on a wide range of environment.

Home Security Camera Installation Service

Security Camera Installation Near Me
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Security Camera Installation Near Me
One of the best recent technological advancements is the creation of security cameras. However, did you know that ignorance of certain measures would render your security camera useless? Let us look at the factors to consider before making your choice of the camera to install.
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