Smart home installation companies

Smart Home Installation Companies

Thanks to the modern technological innovations, smart homes are becoming the new trend for every new homeowner. Even the homeowners who moved into their homes before the inception of smart home technologies have the luxury of enjoying the same with the installation of some of the most awesome, smart home techs to control some basic devices and machinery at home like home protection and door locks, climate control, or even appliances. You can now pretty much control just about everything that uses power to run and is smart-enabled.
Thanks to the many different home automation companies, homeowners can now easily control and manage their smart home devices using their smartphones and the relevant applications for the devices. Even so, there are many home automation companies in the market currently; some are good, others are best at their jobs and provide some of the best and top-notch products, whereas others just keep ‘trying’ to push their products through into the market.
But even so, here are some of the top home installation companies that you might not know about yet, but are so amazing that you should try them out.


Smart Home Installation

1. August Smart Lock
This company offers a high-quality, convenient, and attractive automated door-lock system that is super-easy to install and also use. The installation process involves the use of the already existing deadbolt on your door. It also provides an application that you can use to control your home-lock mechanism right from your smartphone. The company also offers a connect accessory which solves the problem that so many connected locks usually experience due to them being out of range. The August smart door-lock system is currently priced at $250 and an extra $50 for the connected accessory. When you look up all of these factors and weigh them to the price, you should agree that it is relatively fair and when you compare the price and value of its retrofit capability, flexibility, and user management convenience, you would run for this smart door lock option over all the others. They also offer smart home installation services with affordable home installation costs, which is also quite convenient for its customers who prefer to have the smart devices installed.
2. Notion
Notion has got you covered pretty much on all fronts when it comes to sending you notifications and alerts when your door is open – house door, refrigerator door, gun door, etc. – If your water is leaking, the room temperature has changed, smoke alarm has sounded, or the lights are on. Notion also offers one sensor for one room control for only $129 and multiple room smart control sensors for only $249 – usually five sensors and a bridge. Notion gives you the opportunity to set notifications on the types of alerts that you want to receive. The set-up of this smart system is also incredible; with just five minutes needed to peel and stick the sensors and then pair them with the bridge and Wi-Fi.
3. Canary
Canary is the company and device you want to do business with if you are looking for a smarter and more secure home. Unlike its competitors, Canary learns and keeps learning about you and how you use your devices and adapts to your normal routine. You will feel the security and safety of your home with its 147° wide-angle lens which you can use to access your home through your smartphone at any time. They offer smart home installation services with affordable home installation costs. Canary is just perfect for Airbnb guests where you can monitor when your guests arrive or depart meaning that you won’t really have to bother them.

Smart Home Installation Companies

4. HomeSeer
HomeSeer is an award-winning home automation company that has been widely recognized for its leadership in quality and innovation. It is highly compatible with many different media management applications, web browsers, security and AC systems, and operating systems. Another amazing feature about this company’s products is that it can work through automatic, manual, and even voice control options. This means that you can use it in multiple different ways and it doesn’t matter whether you are home or away as its remote access functionality is also remarkable. The HomeSeer’s home automation solutions also work to monitor your home’s energy usage patterns and also deliver reports that you can use to become more energy-efficient.
5. Iris
Iris was initially developed by the Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers, but they later sold it. Their home automation solution products are relatively affordable and easy to install as well and can still be found in some of the Lowe’s stores. They also offer smart home installation services with affordable home installation costs. The Iris smart devices come as three different kits which allows you to customize them to easily fit your needs and preferences and work well with your existing systems.
6. Vera
Vera is the company to go to and purchase their home automation solutions if you are looking to have powerful and consistent remote access capability plus dependable technical support. Vera easily tops the list of all the home automation companies if you are looking for smart systems that fit into this category. Although Vera’s list of other features may not be as extensive as most people may like, the simple fact that its software and programs can connect to just about any Android or iOS or web browser means that you have maximum control of your smart devices even when you are far from home. Vera’s home automation system is also compatible with many camera types and motion detectors as peripheral things like door sensors, smoke detectors, and light bulbs which Vera’s powerful remote functionalities can handle no matter where you are from your home.
7. SmartThings
Now owned by Samsung, this app-only home automation system can now see itself grow and become a big name with Samsung coming into the picture to offer the reputation and experience that the company needs. Simple home automation solutions like unlocking a deadbolt without using a key and controlling your home cameras and alarms remotely. Its smart devices are also Wi-Fi capable and work with AC and other security systems that you will generally find in a typical home today. You will also benefit a great deal from its live chat support which offers helpful timely customer care service.
Final thoughts
This list not only has some of the best and innovative home automation companies, but also provides you with access to a wider range of home automation solutions and at various affordable price points which is also relatively convenient for the consumers of their products.

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Smart home installation companies
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