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When it comes to home theatre sound system installation there are several things that need to be considered. In this day and age technology is advancing rapidly. You want to make use of all the available technologies you can when it comes to your home theatre sound systems.

Finding a knowledgeable home theatre sound system installer is important. A lot of people simply purchase their own sound system and try to connect it by their self. Although in this situation they miss out on the experience of having it professionally installed.Home Theater System Installation

There are simple adjustments that can give you a much better quality sound. Experienced installers know just what to do to improve the quality of your sound and can give you additional tips to adjust your sound later.

Below you will find several tips to help you with Home Theatre Sound System Installation:

Room Selection –

When deciding on a room for your home theatre sound system it doesn’t have to be quick. Don’t just pick any room in the house. There are several things to consider before deciding on the right room.

What to consider in room selection:

  • The size of the room – Be sure all the equipment can fit in the room comfortably. The more cramped the room is the harder it is for the sound to flow. (house speakers, cables, remotes & other hardware with ease)
  • It’s Quiet – Make sure the room doesn’t have a lot of outside noise or distractions. This can interfere with the sound flow inside the room.
  • Light Control- You want to pick a room that allows you to control the light (artificial & natural) that comes in and out of the room. Be sure the room has limited windows, and without excessive lighting within the room.
  • Low back seats- Higher back seats disrupt the flow of sound coming from the speakers
  • Seats away from walls- Be sure the seats are away from the walls and corners. This will help with sound flow and give optimal sound quality.

Speaker Placement:

When it’s time to place your speakers be sure to consider who will be watching you home theatre system. How many people will be in the room (multi viewers or solo/single) viewer. Place the speakers at ear shot. Line up the speakers level with the heads of the people viewing. This allows the sound waves to flow smoother throughout the room. Avoid having one or two on the wall and one on the floor. Be sure you can post the speakers across the walls at:

  • Center – Main Speaker
  • Left – 90 Degrees
  • Right Speaker – 110 degrees
  • Subwoofer – behind seating area for optimum sound.

Acoustic sound control:

When it comes to acoustics many people think this is great for sound. But in reality, it is a literal sound disaster. When you are connecting a home theatre system in your home with lots of acoustics you get nothing but echo. If you know that it is echoing with your voice it will echo in your home theatre system.

Take some time to do a few things before connecting your home theatre system:

  • Hang some heavy drape in the room– this will do two things it will help control your light level and it will also drown out some of the echo and help the sound waves flow better throughout the room.
  • Lay an area rug: Laying out an area rug on the floor it can absorb some of the sound.
  • Use furniture: This will also drown out some of the echo.

Lighting pointers:

When it comes to the light set up in your home theatre system room sometimes less is more. You want enough lighting to illuminate the room but not so much it puts glares on your screen or inhibits the sound waves throughout the room. Remember the sound waves need a direct path to you or the viewers.

Source Set-up & Other set-ups:

Switch your source set-up to surround sound. This is why that setting is there. It will enhance your home theatre sound system. You can also lock the setting to keep others from tampering with your settings.  When it comes to display calibration you should turn off your auto-display mode and check the flesh tones, and color temps on the image.

Creating Props for Your Room:

When it comes to your props it is completely up to you. This will allow you to give your special home theatre room a personal touch. Remember not to go too crazy with this and watch how much goes on the floor. Clutter can disrupt your sound throughout the room. The clearer it is the better sound you will get in the room. You can still block the flow of sound by overdoing it.

In Conclusion:

There are several types of home theatre sound systems available on the market today. Depending on what you are looking for in your home theatre sound system would help you determine which sound system is best for you and your family.

Thinking of your new home theatre system you should not only feel comfortable in the room but hear your sound as if you were in the theatre watching it. This, after all, is the purpose of the home theatre system. With this agenda following the above tips will help you optimize your experience with the system.

For the initial installation, it is recommended you acquire expert assistance. A home theatre installation expert can help you ensure that your connection is right the first time around. Although it seems easy there are many things that the expert can do to ensure optimal usage of your home theatre system.

If you have questions or are unsure about something be sure to ask them! The smallest things can throw off the sound flow within your room. Simply moving the furniture can change the sound flow within a room. But don’t take our word for it. Call a home theatre sound system installer, ask them and see for yourself.

Here at ONBOARD IT TECH, we want to help create an amazing experience with your Home Theater System. Many other installers simply try to get the job done, we get the job done perfect and our main goal is to not only provide a high-quality Home Theater Installation but to provide the best customer service during and after the install as well. Unlike the big box retailers, our pledge is to be there for the customer from start to finish.

We work with all types of brands and room types. Our crew is very adaptable to any environment to help create an outstanding home theater experience. No job too big or small, our team can handle it all.

Home Theater System Installation

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