Security Cameras Installation Company

Security Cameras Installation Company

Over the years, businesses and companies have had to tighten up their security systems and install some of the top-notch surveillance systems to protect and prevent their assets and inventory from being stolen. This practice has helped a lot of businesses prevent many theft cases and even aid in the pursuit and capture of burglars and thieves who do manage to get away with the heinous act.

With the crime rate at an all-time high and growing, it would be wise for any businesses that haven’t adopted the use of security cameras and other surveillance systems to do so soon. Even homes need to have a good home security camera installation service look up the best equipment to install at home. As a businessman, you must know by now that some of the best home security systems surpass these areas when it comes to their sale;

  • Price and affordability
  • Customer service experience
  • Features and equipment offerings

All this is good news. But you need to ask yourself, “are there good security camera companies near me that I can get the best service from?” Well, the good news is that there probably is. You just have to take your time and look around hard enough. The security camera installation business has gotten so crowded that it is finding the right one for your business and home can be worked in its own way. Here are some security camera installation companies that you may be interested in for your business and home.

  1. Frontpoint security

Founded in 2007, Frontpoint was created for one reason; to take advantage of the new opportunities that had been created by the innovation and growth of wireless technology. The introduction and use of wireless data networks have made it easier for Frontpoint to establish its name in this market. Frontpoint is a no-hassle and no-stress home security company that has a long history of its superior customer service.

Frontpoint’s current price ranges between $35 and $50 but this depends entirely on the features that you are looking to have in your package. The range of security systems and especially the camera surveillance systems makes the price worthwhile.

  1. Security Cameras Installation CompanyVivint

Vivint is known to be the best home system when it comes to technology and home automation. Vivint is also known for its willingness to accept and adapt to most of its customer feedbacks. Its flexible financing options are also a good option plus the advanced and easy-to-use technology make Vivint a good security camera option to go for.

Vivint is known for its home automation, plus state-of-the-art technology which deals with door locks, light control, security cameras, and everything else that that’s under your roof that you can connect to your smartphone. Its smart home packages usually range for between $40 and $50 each month for its professional monitoring services. The price also depends on whether or not you choose to add video service to your list of functions.

  1. Link interactive

This company offers some of the best home security systems for transparency and the fact that it also offers a customizable approach to the DIY home security packages also act as an extra added bonus to the mix. Link Interactive is also well known for its solid customer service, the transparent and competitive pricing, and customization options for its services.

When you look at Link Interactive features, it has this la carte selection model which allows its customers to pick the equipment which they believe is the best for their preselected packages. Link Integrated offers many different monitored sensors and detectors, video surveillance, and home automation control services which are all designed for simple and easy DIY installation.

Link Interactive’s alarm monitoring services usually range from between $31 and $41 per month, which is pretty affordable considering all the services they offer.

  1. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe may be the best home security system in the market that doesn’t have a contract which makes it easy to realize why this company’s products and services are some of the crowd’s favorites. Families and companies on a budget will want to go for this company’s product and get the best services at affordable prices. The only setback here is that it lacks home automation options. But it has a security camera in its offerings which can cover up for the other missing features to some extent.

When it comes to features, SimpliSafe is exactly what its name implies; simple. You will get a central plus tactile keypad and that’s pretty much it. Not unless you add some customizable features to it, but this will require you to cough up extra cash.

The prices are pretty low and range between $15 and $25 per month. The price depends more on whether you want mobile access included in your package or not.


ADT is simply the most well-known and perhaps, most reviewed home security company above all the rest. But this comes at a price as millions of people use the ADT alarm systems to keep their homes and businesses safe every day. Experience is what has managed to keep this company afloat and on top of the home security business with over 140 years of experience in this business.

When you look at the features and equipment that ADT offers, you will want to get up and get one for your home and business immediately. The ADT Pulse enables you to control things in your home like door locks, light, garage doors, and even the thermostat right from your smartphone.

ADTs pricing is somewhat higher than most of the other home security installation companies with its price range falling between $37 and $60 each month. ADT will also charge you an activation starting fee of $99. You might think that the pricing is too high and that you can get better prices with other companies, but when you look at and try out the features and services that ADT offers, you will know that it is worth your money.

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Final thoughts

The demand for CCTV surveillance cameras has grown over the years with more businesses and companies only opting for the home security services that offer security cameras for better security of both their places of work and homes as well. But before you dive in and purchase the home security camera installation company you bump into first, you need to take your time and compare all of the security packages of the other home security companies as well and only opt for the one that you feel best suits your needs.


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