Doorking Telephone Entry System

Doorking telephone entry system is a system where visitors can use the phone to contact home. Anyone can enter the home with permission from the people inside the home. So, the functionality is similar to other systems used in the entrance to access control.

You can control the system far from your home as well. So, the system can save you valuable time. In addition, you don’t have to check who is knocking at the door.  So, it is a great choice for home automation.

Doorking Telephone Entry System
Doorking Telephone Entry System

Entry system

An entry system is such a system where access to the home or, the business area is controlled at the entrance of the system. In other words, you can call it an access control system.

However, we use the system to control unwanted access. We welcome our desired persons and restrict the unusual entry. It ensures the security of the house. In modern days, the pre-programmed system is used to control the entry process.



Apartment Intercom system
Apartment Intercom system

Door Entry System

The door entry system is simply an entry system. Therefore, we control the entry in this kind of system. We use audio, video, password, face recognition, etc, to ensure authorized entry. It has many advantages. Because we don’t need to control it directly.

In addition, multiple locks, keys, and other problems related to the classic control system can be solved. The system can be wired or, wireless. Keypad or, the biometric system also can be used to control door access. So, analyze properly before choosing the best system for you.

Doorking Telephone Entry System

We can recommend doorking telephone entry system to you. So, you can use it in your home, office or, large buildings. It is one of the oldest access control system company. There are devices with different models. All of them have LTE, VoIP, and POTL connectivity.

So, Doorking is considered one of the best choices among all the access control systems in Los Angeles. Here are some of the features

  • You can control it from a computer
  • Highly customizable in many aspects
  • An effective notification system
  • Effectively usable history storage
  • Necessary device integration

The telephone entry system can store 600 telephone numbers. We think it is enough. In addition, you can store 4 and 5 digit entry codes in the system. It allows 1000 entry codes. In addition, the programming display will allow you to use it in a more convenient way. So, we think it is a good choice for your home without any doubt.

Moreover, we are one of the most experienced smart home service installers. OnboardITTech has 20 years of experience. In addition, we have got some rewards for our excellent services.  We have got a lot of positive reviews of social media and review websites from our satisfied customers. So, you may be interested to contact us.

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